Workshop: Introduction to Clowning

December 11, 2023 | 7:00pm to 9:30pm
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Introduction to Clowning: Presence, Vulnerability, and Failure

Peep behind the fourth wall and into the soul of your audience. This introductory clowning workshop will strip away the space between you and your audience and teach you tools to exist in the moment on stage through presence, failure, and dismantling the self-defense mechanisms we hide behind.
This workshop covers:
  • Vulnerability
  • Looking at your audience
  • Performing for your audience
  • Becoming your audience
  • Losing your audience
  • Wishing your audience came back
  • Regaining your audience
  • Maybe some laughs
Get out of your brain and into your body with this fun approach to generating laughter!

*Clowning is an inherently physical sport. Please wear comfortable clothes for moving around in as well as bringing a bottle of water!

Instructor Bio
Annabelle (She/Her) is a variety performer and funny woman from Portland, Oregon. She believes in a multi-disciplinary approach to comedy that is derived from the many teachers she has studied under and performance styles she has practiced, such as improv, clown, stand-up, and even juggling! She is a self-described ‘absolutely no jokes absurdist’. Her comedy is inspired by her queer identity as a trans woman who challenges the stereotypes and expectations of society. She co-hosts a monthly clown show every 3rd Saturday at Curious Comedy Theater called Something Weird.

Time and date: October 24th, 7PM-9:30PM
Cost: $40
Min Workshop Size: 5
Max Workshop Size: 12