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A Curious Comedy House Team.

Team Members:

Nifer Sims Headshot

Nifer Sims

Nifer is a recent Portland transplant from Orlando, Florida. Though she first began with improv on her high school Comedy Sportz team, she really fell in love with it at SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando. She has been so thankful to play with Runaways, Heirs Errors and Pushy Broads. She is so glad to be on such a wonderful team in Portland!

Mark Robson Headshot

Mark Robson

Mark Robson has been performing improv for the past 10 years. Mark is originally from Massachusetts where he performed on his two-person group, The Feeling Is Mutual, winner of the 2017 Boston Annual Improv Tournament. He is very excited to explore the Portland improv scene and is grateful to perform at Curious with Zig Zag.

Jackie Ryan Headshot

Jackie Ryan

Jackie entered the comedy world after being dared to do standup in Oakland. Although her former job as a middle school health teacher provided ample material, Jackie found that memorizing jokes lacked the spontaneity she was searching for. One move to Portland and a free Curious class later, Jackie was hooked on improv. When she’s not performing with Zigzag, you can catch Jackie at the dog park or nerding out about public health.

Gerie Voss Headshot

Gerie Voss

Gerie recently moved to Portland after growing up in New York and living in the Washington, DC area. Gerie fell in love with performing while doing community theater in the DC area and truly loves the team spirit and high energy associated with improv. When she is not doing improv, Gerie loves spending time with her dogs, traveling, and doing photography.

Kari Smit Headshot

Kari Smit

Kari is a writer, actor, and improvisor trained at the Brody Theater and Curious Comedy Theater in Portland, Oregon. In addition to joining Curious Comedy’s cast ensemble, she performs regularly with Girls with Heads and has appeared in local radio and film productions including Divaville and The Diseased Zombie Brain. When she was a child she would interview her cousins as Gilda Radner’s version of Barbara Walters. Now she writes and performs original characters with her sketch comedy duo, Huzzah!, as well as in 10-minute play festivals with Monkey With a Hat On. Kari is a mental health advocate teaching writing and improv to people recovering from trauma and mental health challenges. She has a love affair with leopard print and would like to see pictures of your cats.

Emily Larkin Headshot

Emily Larkin

Emily started her acting career at an early age when she would imitate noises made by the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park before she was old enough to form full sentences. It's been love for the spotlight ever since. Originally from Minneapolis, she has been performing in theatre, music, film, and comedy for over 12 years. Like most people in Portland, Emily recently moved into town and is looking for good food recommendations. She identifies as a Pisces but doesn't let her zodiac sign dictate her behavior. You can catch Emily performing in groups and shows like ZigZag, Surprise Party, Showdown, and more!

Jason Litts Headshot

Jason Litts

Jason is new to the Improv scene, having recently hatched from the supportive incubator that is the Curious Comedy Theater. He originally found the stage through musical theater and stand up comedy. Other creative outlets include painting and procrastinating, while attempting to compose a theater bio. Jason is thrilled to be a part of the house team ZigZag and the Curious Comedy family.

Josh Puterbaugh Headshot

Josh Puterbaugh

When he’s not performing on the Curious Comedy stage, Josh Puterbaugh is saving the world one journal entry at a time as an accountant. Born and raised in the Midwest, he moved to Portland from Chicago in 2016 and enjoys long walks on the Oregon coast and other adventures with his dog, Marla.