Food & Bar

Food and Cocktails

Savory Snacks

Northwest Nicoise Salad ($8.50)
Smoked Trout, Egg Veggies, and Olives

Curious Tikka Masala (Chicken or Veggie) ($8.50)
Brown Basmati Rice, Tomatoes, Coconut Milk

Hummus Plate ($7.00)
Served with flatbread and carrots

Our Daily Meat ($7.00)
A fine choice, sometimes with Garden Stuff!

Curious Soft Pretzels ($5.00)
Mornay Sauce

Hot Buttered Popcorn ($4.00)

Curious 12″ Pizza of the Day ($16.00)
Seasonally Inspired

Dessert Menu

Curious Pie of the Day ($6.00)
Seasonally Inspired
Add house-made ice cream ($2.00)

Root Beer Float ($5.00)

Curious Crème Brulee ($5.00)
Seasonal fruit, hazelnut wafer

Cheese and Fruits ($7.00)
Daily Choice

Curious Chocolate Chip Cookie ($1.50)

Curious Chili Dusted Brownie ($2.00)
Dark chocolate brownie with a hint of spice

Curious Brownie Sundae ($6.00)
Slivered Almonds, Whipped Cream

Curious Cocktails

Tig Cocktail ($8.00)
Thai Iced Tea with Burnside Bourbon

Pussy Willow ($8.00)
New Amsterdam Gin & Doctor Bird’s Love Elixir

The Big Punch Line ($7.00)
House-made sangria

Tom & Dick ($7.00)
Tuaca Vanilla Orange Liqeur & Hot Apple Cider

Lesley's Choice ($8.00)
A New Infusion Each Week

Michels & Michels ($8.00)
Seasonal Fruit Puree, Tequila & Harlequin Orange Liqeur

Joe the Maestro! ($9.00)
Burnside Bourdon, Fresh Ginger, Citrus

Recession Special ($3.00)
Inquire Within

Black By Popular Demand Martini ($11.00)
Medoyeff Starka, Temperance Trader Bourbon, Amarena, Cardomom Bitters

Other Drink Options

Beer & Cider

Bridgeport IPA $3.75
Black Butte Porter $3.75
Blonde Bombshell $3.75
Full Sail Session Wheat and Lager $3.50
Pabst Tallboy $2.50
Angry Orchard Cider $4.50

Wine by the Glass

Sauvignon Blanc Blend (Portugal) $7.00
Albarino (Spain) $7.00
Chardonnay (South Africa) $6.00
Sparkling (California) $5.00
Fernao Pires Moscatel (Portugal) $7.00
Cabernet (Chile) $6.00
Pinot Noir (Argentina) $8.00
Castelao Blend (Portugal) $7.00

Wine by the Bottle

Castelao Blend JP (Portugal) - $28.00
Pinot Noir - Don Rodolfo (Argentina) - $32.00
Albarino - Condes De Albarei (Spain) - $28.00
Bo Rivage Brut (France) - $30.00
Fernao Pires Moscatel - JP (Portugal) - $28.00
Sauvignon Blanc Blend - Pajot (Portugal) - $28.00