Late Night Special

Saturday, March 23rd


This show is the weekend party where you always have an invitation - with sketches, live music, interviews, and acts you just can’t see anywhere else! And, of course, the ringleaders of this whole show, Jay Flewelling (Work Shmerk, Please Underestimate Me) and Stacey Hallal (Irregardless, Joyride, Ruby Rocket). It’s the only weekly Late Night Talk Show meets Variety show in Portland and promises to always be a good time!

A native of Portland, OR, Jay showcases his broad comedic prowess in several different rodeos around town. Jay is not only a cast member of Curious Comedy Theater but also performs in the power house troupe, J Names (SF Sketchfest, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival). Jay has been featured on LIVE WIRE!, Kevin Allison's RISK!, Mortified, and has performed with Kevin McDonald (The Kids in the Hall) and Colin Mochrie (Who’s Line is it Anyway?). In addition to being a performer, Jay also is an award winning film maker. His most recently produced film short won Best in Humor at Dan Savage’s HUMP! Film Festival.
Stacey founded Curious in 2008, taking her experience from Second City in Chicago and returning her talent and passion for comedy back to the city she loves, Portland, OR. Over the past ten years, she has watched her vision grow and blossom into the premier improvisation and sketch venue in Oregon. As the Artistic Director, she has developed the voice of the theater’s classes, shows and outreach programs to ensure fulfillment of the mission of improving the lives of kids, adults, and seniors through the art of comedy. She has also toured extensively throughout Canada and the U.S. with the shows Ruby Rocket and Joyride. In addition, she is the founder and executive producer of the All Jane Comedy Festival, a festival dedicated to women in stand-up comedy.

Online ticket sales close 1 hour prior to showtime.