ALL JANE PRESENTS: Rants Off/Dance Off

Friday, September 28th


One of the most fun shows we've ever seen, Rants Off / Dance Off is a comedy game show where comedians compete in a battle of vulnerabilities both verbal and physical! Contestants offer their heated opinions on subjects--some prepared, some improvised--and then, like ice cream to a hot pepper so foolishly eaten whole, sooth their raw nerves by dancing their hearts out. Judgement is summarily doled out panel-style. Winners receive little but pride and regrets. Great fun is had by all! Rants Off / Dance Off has been a part of Portland's Bridgetown Comedy Festival and Bumbershoot in Seattle. Hosted by Whitney Streed.

Riley Silverman - judge
Puterbaugh Sisters - judge
Ayanna Dookie - judge
Becky Braunstein - contestant
Ella Gale - contestant
Georgea Brooks - contestant
Chanel Ali - contestant

At the Curious Comedy Main Stage.

Online ticket sales close 1 hour prior to showtime.