City Heat

Sunday, September 24th


Sketch Machine invites you to spend time with the cops of the 27th precinct. If you're into tales of Exotic Mustards, Luminous Bathrooms, Complex Undercover Assignments, Witch Testing Kits, Dogs Named "Linda", Child Policeman, Enormous Beverages, Computers, Glen Frey, Woodwinds and Seasons of Love, then check the thermometer and book your ticket.. because you're ready for CITY HEAT.

Written and Performed by Sketch Machine:
Alissa Bagan
Nick Beaird
Audrey Butler
Bill McKinley
Erin Ryan
Sarah Shoemaker
Jason Sullivan
Mark Tayne
Mike Wachtendorf

Directed by
Jason Rouse

Sunday, September 24th
8:00pm - 9:00pm
Only $5!

Online ticket sales close 1 hour prior to showtime.