Sketch Writing – 3

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Linked Sketches - For students who have already worked with and have an understanding of the medium of sketch, this class will give them the opportunity to workshop and develop a series of linked or thematic sketches to use as building blocks for a longer show. Starting with student concepts and using brainstorming and improv techniques, students will build out 4-5 polished sketches over the course of the class and see them up on their feet. Students should come to the first class with a few ideas of areas or themes they would like to explore. The first few weeks focus on exercises and exploring the sketch forms that will help them narrow in on their point of view. For weeks 3-5, students will bring in a sketch a week to workshop with the class. They will begin bringing in rewritten sketches in week 6 and continue through the end of the class. This class prepares students to put together their own sketch revue. Tuition: $195 for each eight week session.