Ruby Rocket, Private Eye

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FRESH FROM THE EDMONTON FRINGE FESTIVAL, RUBY ROCKET IS BACK FOR ONE WEEKEND ONLY!!!! In Ruby Rocket, Private Eye, Stacey Hallal plays Ruby Rocket, an intoxicating intoxicated private eye who'll solve any crime for the right price — no matter what danger it puts her in. A lover of drink, men and breaking all the rules, Ruby may be her own worst enemy, but in the end, she always gets her man. Except, of course, when she doesn't. One thing for certain, Ruby Rocket is the dame to call when no one else will take your case. Trained at the famed Second City in Chicago, Hallal went on to found the Curious Comedy Theater in Portland. Ruby Rocket, Private Eye is her fourth comedic solo show and is not to be missed! Bob Hicks of the Oregonian says, "Comic actress Stacey Hallal has a face that can rise like a puff pastry or fall like a mob informer with an anvil tied 'round his feet…Her voice has the same cockeyed flexibility, and she uses both to highly amusing other words, she's a genuine talent." CBC's Michelle Palansky says, "A seasoned pro…, Stacey Hallal is a warm, funny performer who invites the audience to share her quirky, joyful world." The Winnipeg Free Press' Jill Wilson says Stacey is "an appealing blend of likable, goofy and cool."