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Keith Jensen - From absurdist knock-knock jokes and personal observations to cultural commentary and more, Jensen delivers hilarious bits in his signature idiosyncratic style. A co-founder of the Coexist? Comedy Tour and Ha Ha Heathens, Jensen's known for performing comedy from an atheist perspective. An internationally touring comic, he's released three albums, 2009's To the Moon and 2011's Cats Made of Rabbits, which was also released as a DVD, and his latest Elf Orgy, out on Stand Up! Records in February 2013.
Johnny Taylor - Sacramento’s Johnny Taylor uses sharp wit, and off-beat sensibilities to communicate his sometimes tragic life experiences in a hilarious way. Johnny is a regular at every major comedy club in Northern California, including the San Francisco Punch Line, Sacramento Punch Line and Cobbs Comedy Club, and was recently featured on Comedytime.TV.