Level 4: Ensemble and Performance

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You have mastered the fundamentals of improv and scene work and you understand the basics of long form improv - so what next? Now it's time to become a member of an ensemble and rehearse long form formats specifically to perform shows in front of a general audience. In this level you still receive individual notes for your personal development while you also discover how to be a member of a tight ensemble working together to create amazing shows spontaneously for a live audience. This level allows you to experience the magic of long form improv while freeing your best work through the supportive environment of an ensemble you will grow to love and trust. Classes are two hours long and cost $195 (or $175 during early registration) for each seven week session with an additional student showcase performance. Registration for Level 4 is only allowed through Curious instructor permission. Ensembles will be created with care and intention for the best mix of players and compatibility. Level 4 ensembles may become part of the Curious show schedule and members are most likely to be cast in Curious shows. Skills covered in the class include: Mastering the Fundamentals Mastering Two-person Scene Work Three and Four Person Scenes Long form Performance Formats Advanced Character Development Strengthening Individual Weaknesses Identifying and Building Individual Strengths Playing In an Ensemble Playing Patterns Narrative Development Group Mind