Level 2: Scene Work Skill Building

Upcoming Showtimes:

  • Wednesday, July 8, 2015 7:30pm
Now that you understand the improv fundamentals, Level 2 will give you time to practice and develop your skills in longer scenes while being introduced to scenic short form games and basic long form improv formats. You will also receive more specific individual diagnostics, feedback, and challenges throughout this level. This level is great for those intending to perform improv as well as actors looking to improve their range and and ability to play in the moment. Classes are two hours long and cost $195 (or $175 during early registration) for each seven week session with an additional student showcase performance. Registration for Level 2 is only allowed through auditions or special permission. Students must audition to graduate to Level 3: Ensemble and Performance. We develop our talent pool and cast our shows from our training center. Skills covered in the class include: Continuing Development of the Fundamentals Two-person Scene Work Finding/Playing the Game Personal Monologues Strong Initiations Scene Etiquette Straight Person Skills Finding/Playing the Relationship Dealing With The Problem of the Scene Intermediate Character Development Strengthening Individual Weaknesses Identifying Individual Strengths Acting In The Moment Playing With Silence Stage Picture