Improv For Business

Curious Comedy Shows & Workshops For Your Business

The use of improvisation in business is becoming not only more and more commonplace each year, but these days, many consider it an absolute necessity. Check out our Press on Improv in Business tab to see a few examples of the ways improv has evolved into an essential business tool.

Here at Curious Comedy Theater, we offer an array of shows, workshops and custom programs using improvisational theater to improve your company’s events, teamwork, creativity and training programs.

All of our offerings are designed and overseen by our Artistic Director, Stacey Hallal. Stacey studied and taught comedy at the famed Second City Chicago and has applied her knowledge in the business environment as Director of Improv/Associate Creative Director of Character LLC for fifteen years. She has worked with over one hundred bluechip clients including: Walmart, McDonald’s, Verizon, Target, P&G, General Mills, PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson, Portland Trailblazers, Unilever, Travelocity, Nestle, Fossil, Frito-Lay, Discovery Network, Hearst Entertainment, Kellogg, Kraft, Seattle’s Best, Pepperidge Farm and many, many more.

Here are some of our programs:


Fast-paced and energetic business-appropriate entertainment for any company event. Choose from our standard show options or have us customize a show just for you. Whether we come to your location or you bring your company to us, we can liven up any company event with interactive humor and fun everyone will enjoy.

Pipes – Wow your employees or clients with a musical comedy we make up on the spot. Everything from the lyrics, story, music, and dancing is completely improvised.

Fruitcake – We’ll take your company stories and turn them into comedic sketches on the spot!

Short Form – Our players will come in with a variety of high energy, fun improvisation games like the ones you see on Whose Line Is It Anyway. Lots of chances for audience interaction and fun!

Stand Up – Let us book you the finest stand up comics in town! We’ll make sure they perform to your standard of “business appropriate.”

Custom Shows – Custom-made options for specific events or presentations

We can create written or improvised shows that specifically address a person or subject that you request. These shows can be catered to your event as purely entertainment or incorporated into your presentation to get your message across in a compelling, fun and unique way.


Our trained comedians can host your award shows, fundraisers, or auctions. We can send individuals or groups to liven up your big night.


Our facilitators can keep your group session fun and focused. Let us help you brainstorm better or bring a team through a tricky conversation and end up on the same page.


Team Building

Improv is all about working effectively as an ensemble. We will lead exercises that promote group bonding, listening, communication and cooperating.

Brainstorming, Creativity, Spontaneity

We can help your employees work better on creative tasks both individually and as a team. Improv teaches the principle of YES AND in a NO BUT culture. Often we argue about which idea is better instead of working together to discover an idea far superior to anything we could find alone. Our improv exercises also train us to quiet our inner critic and let ideas flow more freely and spontaneously.

Customer Service Training

Let our quick-thinking improvisational actors give your staff experience in customer service. Whether role playing, creating scripts, or teaching how to think fast, we can create a safe space for your employees to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes before dealing with real customers.

Corporate Training

We can make your training event more fun and more effective using tools that get people thinking and moving instead of just sitting and listening.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Do you have trouble speaking in front of people? We know how to do it and it’s a learnable skill! Let us help you – or your employee – become a better presenter.

Storytelling Skills for Internal and External Communications

The quickest way to connect to people is to tell them a story. In this workshop we’ll teach you the essentials of telling a compelling story.

For more information, please contact our Associate Artistic Director, Rachel Van Nes.