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Curious Comedy Training Center 
offers a combination of classes that will allow you to learn skills, build confidence and gain experience performing on stage.  Classes are designed for students at any level of experience, from someone who has never been on stage before to the experienced performer.  Our supportive and friendly environment will put you at ease as you join other students with diverse backgrounds.  The training you will receive at the Curious Comedy Training Center offers you the opportunity to learn the valuable skills, from experienced professionals. This experience will help you on stage and in life!

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We believe that anyone can learn the art and craft of comedy and more importantly we believe we can teach you!  Our comprehensive training program offers a solid foundation and a supportive learning environment for our students.  When you come to the Training Center you become part of the Curious Community. We offer classes in multiple disciplines of comedy because we believe in comedy “cross training.” Each form of comedy emphasizes a specific set of skills that carry over into other areas – as well as into every day life.


Chicago has been recognized as the training ground for American comedians for over fifty years. The Second City is the first and most famous comedy theater and training center launching the careers of this country’s most celebrated talents from Alan Arkin, John Belushi, Gilda Radner, and John Candy to Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert.

During the past twenty years, iO Chicago and the Annoyance Theater established themselves as Chicago comedy institutions as well. Each of these theaters grew from the Second City foundation then pushed the boundaries of improv and sketch comedy beyond the classic Second City style developing their own emphasis and priorities in their approach to comedy.

Curious Comedy Artistic Director Stacey Hallal spent years training, performing, and teaching in what she calls the “Chicago Comedy College.” She has taken what she learned as an adjunct faculty member at Second City, expanded it with the lessons and skills she gained at iO Chicago and the Annoyance Theater training centers to create the Curious Comedy Training Center approach and curriculum.

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