Class Descriptions

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8 Week Classes


Level 1: Improv Fundamentals

This fun and dynamic introduction to improv utilizes short form games and creative exercises to help students understand the all-important fundamentals of improvisational theater. If you have experience with improv already, this class provides a new perspective and an expanded vocabulary for learning. If you have no improv experience, Level 1 builds confidence, trains your brain for creative thinking, and inspires you to have fun!
Skills covered in the class include: Making Offers, Listening, Acceptance, Heightening, Emotion, Physical Comedy, Character Building, Team Building, Stage Presence, Voice Projection

Tuition: $195 ($175 early registration) for each seven week session with an additional student showcase performance.

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Level 2: Scene Work Skill Building

After grasping the fundamentals from Level 1, your next step lies in the nitty-gritty of improv: scene work. Level 2 introduces longer scenes into play and lets you explore characters, scene progressions, and basic longform formats. You also receive more specific individual diagnostics, feedback, and challenges throughout the class. Scene work skill-building is the perfect practice for those intending to perform improv as well as actors looking to improve their range and ability to play in the moment.
Skills covered in the class include: Two-person Scene Work, Personal Monologues,  Scene Etiquette, Character Development, Strengthening Individual Weaknesses, Identifying Individual Strengths, Acting In The Moment, Scene Rhythms, and Performance Skills

Tuition: $195 ($175 early registration) for each seven week session with an additional student showcase performance.

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Level 3: Advanced Scene Work

 Once you become familiar with scene concepts and understand the progression of a long form narrative, Level 3 prepares you for tying it all together into a performance-level format. While developing your scene connections and practicing dynamic character work, you learn to find theme, timing and the beats of comedy. Along with additional individualized feedback and new challenges, Level 3 also pushes students to test their critical thinking skills and takes bigger risks (along with bigger rewards!).
Skills covered in this class include: Multi-person Scene Work, Continuation of Beats, Finding the Game, Theme-Building, Advanced Character Development, Group Mind, Stage Presence, and Performance Confidence

Tuition: $195 ($175 early registration) for each seven week session with an additional student showcase performance.

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Level 4: Ensemble and Performance

With a comfortable grasp on long form and a confidence in improv basics, the next step is both important and exciting – rehearsing as a member of an ensemble! By developing a group mind with other similarly-skilled performers, you gain a new perspective from the cooperation basics learned in previous classes. In this level, you still receive individual notes for your personal development while you also discover how to be a member of a tight ensemble working together to create amazing shows spontaneously for a live audience. This level allows you to experience the magic of long form improv while freeing your best work through the supportive environment of an ensemble you will grow to love and trust.

Skills covered in the class include: Mastering the Fundamentals, Mastering Two-person Scene, Long form Performance Formats, Advanced Character Development, Strengthening Individual Weaknesses Identifying and Building Individual Strengths, and Playing In an Ensemble

Tuition: $195 ($175 early registration) for each seven week session with an additional student showcase performance.

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Level 5: Performance Mastery

 You know the skills, now it’s time to work with an ensemble in a professional performance environment! Taught by Curious Comedy Education Director Jake Michels, the new Level 5 Performance Mastery class develops your skills and group mind to excel in any performance venue or audition. By focusing on performance tactics, students gain an understanding of scenic rhythms, creative storytelling, and connected spontaneity. This class includes four class sessions and four guaranteed performances at Curious Comedy, complete with personalized notes, diagnostic feedback, and professionalism training over an eight week session to most effectively optimize your stage time!

Tuition: $195 ($175 early registration) for each seven week session with an additional student showcase performance.

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Workshops and Intensives

Joe Bill Workshops

Duo Workshop

Date and Time: 09/05/ 2015 11 am- 2 pm

Price: $35

This Coaching workshop for Duo Improv is open to (6-8) Duo’s that are either currently working together or aspire to work together as an Improvising Duo show. Experience level doesn’t matter, you will be working the entire workshop EXCLUSIVELY with your Duo partner. This is a workshop I’ve been running and honing for 5 years and there will be plenty of exercises that run currently as well as a couple of times up in front of the class to make sure that you and your Duo partner get the maximum benefit from this workshop. Come and let me help you see what I see, enhance whatever style you’d like to play in and answer any questions that you might have about the world at large of Duo Improvisation.  Register HERE!

Power Approach to Longform

Date and Time: 09/05 2:30 pm- 5:30 pm

Price: $35

Power approach doesn’t necessarily mean fast or loud, it refers to the capacity that you carry on stage to serve yourself, your scene partners, your scenes and your longform as it unfolds. I will show you ways to declare, maintain and listen through a place of strength and presence in yourself that, when applied over an entire group, allows your group mind to be richer and your discoveries to be more profound/funny/creative/honest. We will summon the power of the individuals in order to discover the power of the group to be present and vital to your Longform as the group gives to the beginning of the piece and then pays attention to what the longform tells you it wants to be, from the middle through the end.  Register HERE!

Character, Scenes, and Emotional Listening

Date and Time: 09/06/2015 12 pm- 3 pm

Price: $35

This workshop will help you find the depth of emotional point of view of your Characters and allow you to play scenes more deeply and richly. I’ll teach you a way to improvise based in “knowing how you are is knowing who you are”, so that you can find more clarity in playing honest moments in scenes. You’ll leave with a set of tools to employ if you depart from the exchange of emotional truth into the Funny Bits zone that can get your characters and scenes back on track, and hopefully show you how, as improvisers we are all actors and we have the capacity to discover profound moments on stage together that move the characters in the scene as well as the hearts and minds of the people in the audience. Register HERE!

Comedy Writing Intensive: Monologue Jokes, Pitches, and Sketches

Class Date and Time: 09/27 12 pm- 3 pm

Price: $35

Instructor: Stacey Hallal

Artistic Director Stacey Hallal teaches you the comedic writing skills, structure and exercises needed for creating live sketch shows and TV writing submission packets. Register HERE!

Improv Diagnostics

Class Date and Time: 09/27 2:30 pm- 5:30 pm + 6:00 pm performance at Sunday School

Price: $35

Instructor: Stacey Hallal

Are you ready to get into improv shape? In this special summer program, Artistic Director Stacey Hallal will identify your strengths, weaknesses and bad habits then whip your ass into shape with exercises and drills designed to help you get better, faster. Includes one three hour class session and a performance at Sunday School. Register HERE!


Curious Comedy classes are non-audition! Your Curious instructor will give you feedback and permission to advance through the levels. Auditions are mandatory for admission into our Level 5 course. We do hold auditions for our Mainstage improv and sketch performance ensemble, the Curious Comedy Player,s as well as for our House Team! Please check upcoming audition dates, click HERE or email