FRIDAY (8/31) is SEATTLE VS PORTLAND – EIGHT COMICS battle it out to see what city is better.

Every time I leave the Northwest, I tell people I am from Portland. They say “oh cool!” as if they are listening. Then, only moments later, the same person will ask me how I like living in Seattle. Though the TV show Portlandia has recently given us something to talk about other than how Portland actually, in fact, is not Seattle, still, the rivalry between the cities continues.

And it’s a beautiful rivalry. One that means something only to us. Seattle brought the world Jimmy Hendrix, Nirvana (and grunge in general), and Microsoft. Meanwhile, Portland doesn’t need to keep singing the praises of a few people who crossed over to the rest of the world – Portland’s indie music/film/comedy scene, it’s strip clubs (Courtney Love first danced at Mary’s), it’s amazing food and progressive lifestyle are for our own sake, man. We don’t have to prove nothing to no one.

Except this Friday. Because this Friday, Instant Comedy continues with a battle to end all battles – an epic improvised comedy competition featuring four of Seattle’s best comic versus four of Portland’s best comics. Who will be the masters of the art form? Who will prevail? Who will show the entire world – nay, the universe – whether Portland or Seattle is the superior city after all?

You will have to come see to find out! And since your votes decide on the winner…like everything else in Portland, your voice will be heard!


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