Summertime Has Arrived!

Break out the sprinklers and swimsuits, summer is officially here! Curious Comedy’s summer schedule is just as enticing as all those ice cream cones and slurpees! First up this weekend is a sneak peek at our show, Instant Comedy, a bold new idea that combines improv and stand up all wrapped up in one show. It’s in previews this weekend only, so be sure to catch it! Up next is the Curious Comedy Cover Show, where Portland’s most original comedians perform classic comedy routines. This show is sure to be a favorite of any comedy nut! Instant Comedy then returns for a full run in August. And finally, the summer closes out with the Neutrino Project, which is essentially an improvised movie. There are three groups each with a camera, cast and runner. They go off and shoot scenes inspired by audience suggestions, the runners run them back to the theater and you watch the movie while it’s still being shot. It’s absolutely insane and something you have to see to believe!

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